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Lily: Sire Reg. Paint Stallion -- Dam: Registered Halflinger --  dob:2009 -- 14.2hh
Has been over night camping several times, super smooth to ride -- she does "swing" like a halflinger, loads and trailers great, stands for farrier, grooming, saddling, mounting/dismounting.

Sold ***KHLOE: 2009 Sorrel Grade Mare, 14.2hh
Solid built mare, well broke and fun to ride, smooth gaits, willing to go where you point her.
Loads and trailers well, stands well for farrier, easy to catch.

Sold***Sonya:  2006 Grade Red Roan Mare 15.1hh
Rides quiet on the trails with head down, nice sized mare, stands well for tacking & mounting,one of my favorites. Good for farrier, loads & trailers well.

Sold***INVEST IN JOY:  aka: ROO  -- 5/5/2001  APHA Sorrel Mare 14.1hh
Roo has been on overnite trail rides, will go  thru & over anything you point her at.
Loves attention, one of our favorites, she gets her confidence from her rider.
see Roo's pedigree

SOLD***COOL O LADY:  Registered AQHA Mare -- dob -- 3/2/05  15hh. (horse with blaze)
Nice trail mare, willing goes thru water, over bridges, thru brush, loads and trailers very well.  Clips with electric clipper, is great for farrier, stands for grooming, saddling & mounting, easy to catch.  Will lead, go in the middle or follow a group, nice smooth trot and canter.


SOLD***MABEL:  13 year old grade bay mare, trail rides nice, neck reins, rides with loose rein, good with farrier, will follow or go in middle of group, will lead but would rather follow, goes thru water/mud/brush.
Has been over night camping, stands at picket line.

Sold***MACEY:  13.3 hh Tri-color Pinto Mare, well broke, easy to catch, neck reins, loads and trailers well, good for farrier.

SOLD***DELTA: 2004 Mule Mare 14.3hh
Nice quiet mule, easy to catch, loves attention, loves kids, good for farrier, loads & trailers well.
Likes to trail ride,most anyone can ride, have done riding lessons with her,  smooth gaits, willing goes where you want. Has been over night camping, ties well to the picket line, the trailer or crossties in the barn.

SOLD***Maggie:  Grade Quarter Horse Mare - dob: 2005 -- 14.3 hands
Nice quiet mare, ridding the trails, loads & trailers well, neck reins

SOLD**BAILEYS DUN IT -- 2/28/05 -- Reg. AQHA Mare -- Gray
Sire: Mifillaneouos  Dam: Skippins Sunquest -- Smart Little Lena, Hollywood Dun It  right on her papers.
Pretty dark gray mare, very well broke, neck reins, side passes, roll overs, 360's, will putt around like a pleasure horse too.  
Does very well on the trails, loads in the trailer great and stands in & beside the trailer.  Clips, bathes, a real nice horse with tons of potential to go any direction you want.


Sold***Honey:  2007 Buckskin Mare - 14.1hh
 Started nice and quiet, easy to get along with, started on trail riding doing very well, just needs more hours put on her, very pretty horse.
Loads & trailers well, good for farrier, clips with electric clippers.

SOLD***ABBIE:  Grade 2001 Dun/Gray Mare 14hh
Very sweet, easy to catch, neck reins, rides nice in arena or trails. Willing to please, likes to learn new things, a forward moving horse, you dont have to kick on her to make her go, just a squeeze to move into all gaits.
Crosses bridges, loves going in the water, loads and trailers well.  Photos in the red hoodie of a 13 year old riding her, taking her through the obstacle course on a nice loose rein, she also has ridden her out on the trails & next to the highway.

SOLD *** ROXY:  1995 Grade Mare 3/4Belgian1/4Paint
Anyone can ride her or use her as a jungle gym!!  Easy to catch, stands for grooming, tacking, mounting.
Good for farrier, clips with electric clippers, just an all around good family horse.  Shown here with a 10 & 7year old riding.

Please contact for prices & photos
We have several other fine mares that we would consider selling upon inquiry.

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