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Services that we provide - call for rates

**  Good clean grass hay  -- large round bales - squares upon pre-payment & pickup at time of making -- delivery available
**  1 - 2 Week horse evaluations and tune ups
**Sale evaluations - if you find a horse at another property and you want an outside opinion
**  Horse transportation - short and long hauling

Lessons can be scheduled hourly or can be a day long personal clinic, concentrating on SAFETY FIRST.
***General horse knowledge & care -- nutrition, vet, annual maintenance, shelter/pasture, tack
***Hoof maintenance
***Ground Work/Catching/Leading/Manners/Tying/Grooming/Tacking up
***Mounting/dismounting, Proper Posture, Controling horse in a controlled area, One rein stop
***Controling horse in larger controlled area, over and thru obsticles/ leaving the controlled area,(traffic, obsticles)

Any of these lesson plans can be modified to your wants/needs and you can use your horse or one of our horses.

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