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Texas Longhorns
Our Texas Longhorns and longhorn crosses are grass fed in large pastures, they are stress free which is proven to be the best for the end product of high quality meats.  We do not use steroids or vaccinations or implants, no growth hormones of any kind.
See what our clients are saying about the beef on our friends & clients page.
All other information on TLH's (Beef, Cooking, Raising) after the photos

The Girls of the herd


7-UP -- Longhorn x Angus

Maxi --  Longhorn Cow

Aunja --  Longhorn x Angus Cow

Idabell:  Herford Cow

LouLou Belle:  Herford Heifer

1709 --1/2 Longhorn 1/2 Red Angus
Black Beauty -- Longhorn cow

Lucky -- 1/2 Longhorn 1/2 Red Angus
Queenie -- Longhorn cow

Past Herd Sire
2011 Registered Texas Longhorn Bull  -- LTL ROMAN    LTL Roman pedigree
photos taken 5/9/13

 Roman playing with his food!!!

LEAN MEAT: as stated above
LONGEVITY: They will breed well into their teens, more live calves over the years mean more dollars
FORAGE: Less supplemental feed is needed because the cattle take advantage of the forage available.
DISEASE/PARASITE RESISTANCE: A natural immunity developed over the centuries means fewer vet bills & less maintenance.
REPRODUCTIVE EFFICIENCY:  Large pelvic openings and low birth weights result in live calves.
DOCILITY: Longhorn cattle are intelligent, easy to work and to handle. Have been used for the show ring, lead or drive in parades, pull wagons & ride under saddle.
ADAPTABILITY: The breed thrives in climates from the hot, damp coastal regions to the harsh winters of Canada (Minnesota)
HYBRID VIGOR:  Heritable quality enhances your present breed and gives you a new genetic pool.
HORNS & HIDES: Top $'s for the horns, skulls, hides & mounts
RECREATIONAL STOCK:  A market for them in both roping & cutting stock, they are quick, agile & long-lasting.
See the TEXAS LONGHORN BREEDERS ASSOC.  for more information about the breed.

Thanks to Texas Longhorn beef, today's health-conscious consumer doesn't have to avoid tender juicy steaks.  Not only is the Longhorn beef leaner than that of other breeds, it is also lower in saturated fats and has less cholesterol and calories than skinless, white meat chicken breast.
Beef is the number one source of protein, zinc and Vitamin B12, and the third best source of iron in the food supply.  You'd have to eat almost 12 cans of tuna to get the equivalent amount of zinc in one 3 oz. serving of beef.  It takes seven chicken breasts to equal the Vitamin B12 in one 3 oz. serving of beef.  Beef is also a good source of selenium, providing 20 - 30% of the recommended daily allowance for men and women.  Recent research has found that selenium may reduce the risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer, as well as enhance the body's ability to fight infections.
(Information based on 3.5 oz. serving)     
                                                                                    Meat                                              Calories                      Protein             Fat                Cholesterol
                                                                                                                                                                  (gms)                            (gms)                           (gms)
                                                                                                                             Ground Beef                                         289                          24.1                20.7                    90.0
                                                                                   Lean Ground Beef                               272                          24.7                18.5                    87.7
                                                                                   Chicken (dk)                                          205                          27.4                  9.7                    93.8
                                                                                   Lamb Chop                                            216                          30.0                  9.7                    95.8
                                                                                   Pork Loin                                                190                          28.6                  9.8                    79.6
                                                                                   Pork Chops                                            202                          30.2                  8.1                    82.7
                                                                                   Lamb Leg                                                191                          28.3                  7.7                    89.7
                                                                                   Pot Roast                                                 210                          33.0                  7.6                 101.0
                                                                                   Venison                                                     207                          33.5                  6.4                     4.0
                                                                                   Turkey                                                       107                           29.3                  5.0                   76.6
                                                                                   Top Round                                               180                           31.7                  4.9                   84.6
                                                                                   Chicken (wht)                                          173                           30.9                  4.5                   85.7
                                                                                   Longhorn                                      140                     25.5              3.7               61.5                                   

See the Texas Longhorn Breeders Assoc. of America for more information and the source regarding nutrition, cholesterol & calorie charts, & cooking tips.
Sources for above chart: "Nutrient Density of Beef From TexasLonghorn Cattle; Texas A&M; 1987. Other data - USDA, USA TODAY 11/29/91. POPE LAB, Inc., Dallas, TX.
1. Texas Longhorn Beef cooks quickly due to its low fat content. Fat acts as an insulator so the heat must penetrate the fat before it begins to cook the meat.  Therefore, the less fat, the quicker the cooking time. Be careful not to overcook it.
2.There is not much shrinkage in Longhorn beef.  The cooked size is close to the same size you started with.
3. It is never necessary to cook Longhorn beef in additional fat.  It contains just enough natural fat to allow it to cook to perfection.
4. To broil, position the meat 3-4 inches from the heat.  Watch it closely while cooking to achieve desired doneness.  Broiling slightly frozen steaks keep them juicier
5. A medium-hot fire works the  best in grilling.  Add damp mesquite or cherry wood chips to the fire for an extra flavor.  
6. Longhorn beef roasts should be cooked at 275 degrees F.
7. A meat thermometer is recommended to monitor desired doneness.  Ground beef should have an internal temperature of 160 degrees F.
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