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Clients & Friends

Most of our clients start with one horse and end up purchasing multiple horses from us, they also become a part of our family as we spend many hours with them picking out the perfect horse and teaching them how to handle each animal in the way they have been trained.  We also involve many of our clients in the training process of our young horses, so they bond together in their learning process.  The following is some of their comments about their experiences here at Primed~N~Painted Acres.
Our beef clients wanted to get onto the testimonial page also, for quick reference look for blue type for Beef comments.

Dear Dan & Stachia
We have been thoroughly enjoying the ground beef we got from you last month.  So much so, we would like to order a side of beef.  Enclosed is a deposit to reserve a half, please let us know when you are going to butcher again.
Everett & Jeanette Marker

Hi Dan & Stachia
Just wanted to send you an email to let you know how wonderful the Texas Longhorn beef was that we bought from you. The meat has such great flavor an is so lean; reminds me of how beef tasted when I was growing up!  Looking forward to getting our next order this year.
Thanks Again!
Neil & Nancy Wolf

Dan & Stachia
I just wanted to tell you both how much I am enjoying the meat I got from you.  No more stomache problems now, Yeah! The flavor is awesome to say the least.  I haven't had such tender meat in ages, keep up the good work you do.  Lisa has told me what you all do over there at your place, all your hard work has paid off.  I have told my family all about the longhorns and the tasty meat too.  Anyways just wanted to say Thank you for doing what you do.
Donna Menard
Dan & Stachia
I had to write and tell you that the side of beef we bought from you takes me back.  I have not tasted the quality and flavor since I was a kid and stayed on my Uncles farm for the summer.  As hard as we all work and as much as we spend for our meat we should demand this quality and thanks to you we can still get it.  The benefits of being a healthier meat is outstanding.  I take my cowboy hat off to you both for the hard work and unbelievable great BEEF!!
Lisa & Ken Creamer

I met Stachia and Dan in my search for a horse that would help me gain back my confidence in riding.  From the beginning, Stachia and Dan were very accommodation and took their time to let me meet their horses, ride the ones that I was interested in, and take the time to choose the right horse for me.  Mya is a wonderful addition to our family, and she has helped me gain my confidence back in riding again.  Along the way, Stachia and Dan have shared their knowledge of horsemanship with me, which helped me achieve my goals.
We were also shown their Texas Longhorns and, consequently, have bought beef from Stachia and Dan.  It is very lean and tender meat, some of the best that I have ever eaten.
The best part of all, was the friendship that developed between our families.  The experience of purchasing a horse from Primed and Painted Acres has left me with many wonderful memories that I will cherish forever.


Becky & Shadow on trail ride

Dan & Stachia:  I purchased Shadow from you about 3 months ago and let me tell you how happy I am.  Shadow is everything and much more than I ever wanted,  I have learned so much from having him.
He is so sweet and patient with me, he stands quietly while I clean his hooves, bathe him, mount him, even ground work he shows alot of patience.  Everything I do he just waits nicely for me, its as if he knows I am learning.  He and I have been taking lessons together from Melissa. She has been such a big part of him and I bonding together,  I really think there was a reason everything came together like it did.
You two will always have an impact on me, the work you put into your horses as well as your clients is unbelievably wonderful, just visiting your location was wonderful.  Sometimes I just want to call you guys to come out and see your horses, they are all so beautiful and great tempered.  Dan, I remember you talking about how people usually purchase a second horse after they already bought one from you, I can see why, I will see you again when I get my second horse!!
Thank you!!
Rebecca Warwas
Northern MN
Update from Rebecca Warwas
I would like to begin by saying "Thank you!".  Thank you for Shadow and Deuce, we just love those guys, I couldn't have asked for better horses.  It is hard to believe that we have had Shadow for a year now, he is just a love and the perfect gentleman.  Every where we go, he behaves so perfectly, everyone who meets him, loves him.  We adore him, he is the best horse ever.     Deuce has been with me for a month now, he has already built a trust in me that I know will last forever, the lessons I took with Stachia really helped us start that relationship.  He is so well behaved and adjusted so easy to his now home.  I make sure to talk to him when we are together, Dan you are right, he just relaxes when I do that.  He is so beautiful in every way.  Nathan and I have started a new chapter with our horses.   Nathan has been working on his relationship with Shadow, they are hoping to do mounted shooting.  We will also be doing lessons with Marie soon.  I have so much to look forward to, and it all started when I bought Shadow from you, Thank you so much.
P.S. Stachia, I loved those lessons together, I still find myself trying to remember everything you taught me.  When we go trail riding together I will show you how much I have retained and still use, once again, Thank You!!!
Nathan & Rebecca (4/2013)

The Maasch's
After 10 years:
We purchased our first mare, Shi from Dan & Stachia 10 years ago,  she was a 2 year old and unbroke.  They allowed us to come and be a part of her training and create a very close bond with her.
Shi is now 12 years old and my daughters best friend, they have such a great connection.  Over the years we have had questions or concerns and they are the first people I call, they are always willing to help.   My other daughter decided she too would like to start riding, so we headed out to Dan & Stachia's.  We narrowed it down to two mares and we spent a lot of time with each mare and then found the perfect fit.  We couldn't be happier with the horses and the service that Dan & Stachia provide.  When its time for my youngest daughter to start riding we will be purchasing her horse from Primed and Painted Acres.
The Maasch's (2012)

Hi Dan & Stachia,
Have been wanting to give you an update on my sweet Lacey.  We are having a great time.  She has earned my trust and I hers.  Given me my confidence back and absolutely I love her.  We could ride all day, she is a joy and makes me relax and have fun.  Thanks for your pointers, I have been able to adjust my riding skills and keep her light on the mouth and she is reining great.  I appreciate the time you spent to adjust the tack to properly fit her and I'm really good at the safety knot now.
Thanks again, Jenny Miller

I wanted to tell everyone what great people you are and how great your horses are, but I'm not sure where to start.  Like many people you meet and sell horses to, we have made our fair share of mistakes choosing the right horses for our family..  Some have been good and others not so much.  When we came to your farm to see the horses and talk, we were really looking find a safe horse for our daughter, Erin.  She had been bucked off of her pony too many times and her confidence was nearly shot.  Erin was allowed to take the time needed to ride the horses and decide which horse she was interested in.  You complimented Erin on her riding and helped her restore some of her self confidence.  We spent several hours at your farm watching Erin ride, talking horses and saddles.  That day, Erin chose Gypsy and our friendship began.  This was far more than I ever expected.
Later in the year, Marty decided it was time to get a different horse and change our herd to all mares.  A beautiful dun Quarter horse mare with gentle eyes decided that Marty was her new best friend.  I have never seen a horse so interested in a person like Rosie was with Marty.  After Stachia put some time on Rosie and Marty took her for a ride, we were sold on Rosie.  With the two new horses at home, there were no surprises. Gypsy & Rosie settle in nicely.  They have became part of the family with our other mares.  We love our horses and we love to ride and spend time with them.  It has been a pleasure getting to know you and talk horses, ride, camp and play cnasta.  We never expected that buying horses would mean making new friends.  
Michele &  Marty Goodale & family

During the past several years my daughter-in-law and I (bonded in our love of horses) have purchased 8 (!) horses from Dan and Stachia. It started when a neighbor recommended them to me after he had purchased a horse for his grand daughter and we wanted to do the same. I called Dan, took his salesmanship seriously, and the rest, as they say, is history. We have found them to be helpful and honest. They do their best to meet our needs, matching us with that perfect horse. We have returned to their farm again and again. It would take pages to tell the story of our relationship with Dan and Stachia. They are always responsive to any issue we have and are willing to patiently teach, explain and advise. We have also purchased saddles and tack and find those Cactus Saddlery saddles to be awesome. We are happy to say that we’ve become friends and trail riding and camping companions. We are in love with the horses we have purchased from Dan and Stachia. They are every thing they were promised to be. We have recommended and will continue to recommend Dan and Stachia and Primed and Painted Acres to anyone looking for that perfect horse.
Laurie and Bonnie Peterson
Hackensack, MN

Traci, Kyle & Emma
Council Bluffs, IA
Hi Dan & Stachia,
Just emailing to say that Emma couldnt be more pleased with S'mores (formerly Molly).  S'mores and Emma are quite a pair, Thanks for sellin us such a nice, kid safe horse.

Emma is also a singing cowgirl, see her singing on youtube at       there are 5 or 6 sessions look under EM HEYEN
Several years later, the two are still showing and trail riding and now practicing Mounted Archery!!
photos above of Emma & S'mores

Cheryl Williams
Westford, Vermont
Hi Dan,
I just wanted to send this to you to put on your website.  It may help you sell more horses online and out of state.  
I bought a buckskin percheron from Dan back in April of 2007.  I was not able to get him transported until the end of May as I am so far away in backwoods Vemont.  Dan kept him for me at no extra cost.  He kept in close contact with me via phone and email.  I only saw this horse through pictures online and pictures that Dan emailed me.  I was trusting a total stranger, but just talking to him on the phone I was comfortable buying a horse I had not seen in the flesh. the more he told me about the horse the more I wanted him. I love draft horses and am crazy for buckskins.  During the time he kept him for me he had numerous chances to sell the horse at a much higher price than I paid, but he was honest and trustworthy.  Needless to say the horse was beautiful and everything Dan said he was. My daughter fell  in love with him because he is so affectionate.  My grandchildren were on his back a day or two after I got him.  He and my other big perchron were instant buddies.
I would also like to thank his wife, she was a sweetheart because I called quite a few times during the purchasing process.  If anyone out there is nervous about buying a horse online, as long as it is from Dan & his wife, you're in good hands.
Very Sincerely,
Cheryl Williams
Photo avove of Chit

Dave Wauzynski
Hibbing, MN
I have purchased a horse from Dan and Stacia. It was my second horse that I had owned my first horse I bought down by Milaca and was told that it was bomb proof well to make a long story short about two months later I was in court trying to get my money back because I didn't feel safe selling A horse to someone that I couldn't ride and I wasn't going to ride that crazy horse anymore. I was going to just give up on riding horses because it was new to me and I didn't want to put money into another crazy horse. My father in-law seen a ad in the news paper for a horse that was supposed to be a real good trail horse and talked me into going and take a look at it. I went just to go for a car ride and see if I really was ready to give up riding. The horse that we looked at was a nice horse but the girl didn't know if she really wanted to sell the horse but said that she knew someone that had beautiful horses and brought us their. That is when I fell in love with coco she is everything Dan and Stachia said and lots more. I would put coco up against thousands of other horses and she would be the best one. my 11 year old daughter grooms and walks her and so does my 6 year old son. I bought a buddy seat that goes on the back of my saddle and my son rides with me. she is truly one of those horses that baby sits kids. Dan told me that if you ever get lost in the woods to just drop the reins and coco would take me home. Well I was on a trail that we hadn't been on and we were on our way back so I thought lets see if coco can bring me back to my truck. well to my surprise I never touched the reins and coco brought me to my truck. I could go on telling stories but I type like a chicken pecks and my fingers are getting sore. Dan and Stachia have been great if they charged me for all the free advise I would have to have direct deposit to Dan although I do spend allot of my money on tack it is worth it. my father in-law has bought jet from them now and he is a wonderful horse as well. Dan and Stachia I consider good friends they are honest people and very trusting

Aaron & Carol Wenger
Grand Rapids, MN

My wife and I bought our first horses from Dan and Stacia about four
years ago. We have
bought two since. It isn't just a place to buy a horse from--there's
lots of those. Its a place that helps you to become a good owner and a
better rider. I've learned more from them than from any other source. I
would consider what they can offer any rider, or any owner, as part of
the "deal" of buying a horse from them. They are both wonderfully
knowledgable and wonderfully helpful.

Aaron & Carol Wenger

Mark & Cheryl Scharnott
Deer River, MN
We spent several months looking for the right horse with the just the right personality. Don't get me wrong we meet several good horses, and good "horse people", but nothing caught our attention. We contacted Dan and Stachia after following an ad in the Manney's Shopper about used saddles. I wasn't long before I asked the question, "Do you sell horses?" and then our journey began....
Dan and Stachia assured us that they didn't just sell horses to people, they sell horses that bond to their owners! And then we meet Max! At first we didn't think much of the Max, the "Big Yellow Horse" (a 3 year Gelding Palomino Quarter Horse at 15.3 hands), but his personality and disposition caught our attention right away! He was very affectionate, and always had a surplus of kisses and licks for us!
We knew very little about horses and we were as "green" as anyone could be when it came to horses, Dan & Stachia worked with us to teach us the ropes. We learned everything from putting on a halter, leading, lungeing, saddling, tack, bits, hoofs, riding lessons, and horse health. Soon we were riding, and it was one of the greatest experience in our lives! Not long after Max arrived home, Dan & Stachia mentioned that they had a 12 year old Palomino Quarter Horse Mare for sale named Molly. She neck reined very well and was an excellent addition to our family.
Well, it's been 3 years since we purchased Max and Molly. We have enjoyed many trailrides together as a couple and look forward to many years of riding to come! Without Dan and Stachia none of this would have been possible! They were always there when we need encouragement (Keep Your Heels Down!), had medical issues, or if we just needed to ask "stupid" questions. They definitely work hard to make the bond between horse and horse owner very special!
Mark & Cheryl Scharnott

From: Craig & Deb Doughty
Hibbing, MN
Purchsed 7horses and have bred 3 mares to our stallions.
Just a quick note to express our appreciation for your good service.  We are very happy with our horses. When we purchase a horse from you we are confident that we are getting a quality, horse that has been well handled and has good potential.  We appreciate that each horse we have purchased from Primed~N~Painted Acres has been given a good start in training that we can build upon.  We are also confident that you are there for consultation and coaching when we experience a health or training concern we haven't encountered before. That is why when we think of buying a horse we think of Primed~N~Painted Acres first.

From: Marilyn Savolainen
Hibbing, MN
Buying a horse from Dan and Stachia was a great
experience for me. I was encouraged to spend time
with Skittles and ride her several times to be sure
she was right for me. I was a little nervouse because
Skittles was so young (5 years) and my last horse of
the same age was nothing like the owners had told
me-which was why I was looking for a new horse to
begin with. Dan and Stachia reassured me that if
Skittles wasn't everything they said, they would be
happy to take her back. As I was pulling away to
bring her to her new home, Dan called out "Take good
care of my baby" as opposed to "Don't let him bully
you" with my other horse. The Bjergo's also told me
I could call them with any questions or concerns I had
and to let them know how things were going for me and
I've owned Skittles for close to a year now and we are
both very happy. She is a very gentle, wonderful,
well trained horse. I have had absolutely no problems
with her. We have been on many camping trips and
trail rides and Skittles does anything and everything
I ask of her. If I ever want another horse, there is
only one place I'll look...Primed and Paninted Acres.
Skittles & Marilyn

From:  Lisa & Brian Maasch
Grand Rapids, MN
I was on a mission to find and buy a horse when I met Dan and Stachia.  I had been looking for a horse for a couple of months and I didn't have good results.  I was getting a bit frustrated and that is when I found their add.   When I called about their horses I expected the usual well we have this and we have that.   But when I got on the phone with Dan and he was more helpful than I could have hoped.  We talked for quite awhile about what I was looking for and what horses he had.  I decided to take a trip to their farm the next day to look over the horses.  When I got there I was very impressed with their farm and how well it was managed.  I had never seen a barn so clean before!!  We sat down and talked about things again and at the time I was looking for an older horse that I could let my daughter ride as well as me.  I had been told by so many people not to get a young horse because I would regret it.  Well after talking to Dan and Stachia and realizing how well they knew horses I decided to look at the young ones they had available as well.  When we went out to see the horses I couldn't believe how well behaved they were, they all came up to check us out and get some love.  After talking with Dan and Stachia and seeing their horses I decided to buy a horse from them.  I had learned so much from them and felt very comfortable buying  from them.  Now the hard part came, how to choose a horse from that bunch was so hard.  They all were so beautiful and it was hard to choose.  Well low and behold I ended up choosing Shi, 2 year old mare who was not even broke yet.  Stachia started training her the next week and encouraged me to come watch and be a part of it.  I was so excited to get my horse and be a part of the training.  Well the fun and learning began there.  Stachia started right from the beginning with grooming and saddling.  I did know some about horses but I still had so much to learn and I had a wonderful teacher.  About a month after ground work Stachia got on Shi.  Shi did so wonderful, and seemed to love every minute of it.  In the mean time I was given a lesson on one of their other horses so I could refresh my riding.  Stachia taught me how to do the groundwork and lunge Shi in the round pen.  Not to long after that Stachia had me in there doing it all.  She was there to help if I had any problems or questions.  I began a nice bond with Shi and I was getting help from  Stachia and Dan.  In May I decided that one horse was not enough so I bought Curly, a two-year-old gelding.  He picked me out I think, he was always the first one to greet me when I came and would follow me around while I was there.  From what I learned from Dan and Stachia I was able to do most of the work on Curly myself.  They were always there for me if I needed help with something and that made mine and the horses learning go smoothly.  My daughter began taking lessons from Stachia in the fall and is now  riding our mare Shi.  Shi is such a wonderful horse and seems to just take care of my daughter while she is on her.  We are so pleased with our horses and how well they have learned.  Dan and Stachia's horses are brought up to be good horses from the very beginning and that sure makes a difference.   I am so pleased with our horses and how they were brought up I will never buy another from anyone again.  They raise quality horses with quality upbringing.  

Lisa Maasch

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