Dan & Stachia have been raising horses, donkeys, mules, zorses, a zebra, Texas Longhorns & Longhorn crossed cattle for over 30 years.  They have stood both Paint and Quarter Horse Stallions in the past as well.  They have always had a passion for uniquely spotted animals.  When they saw a beautiful Peacock Leopard Appaloosa, they just had to find one of their own.  The search brought them to the purchase of BCA CHATS NUKSAY, a 2019 Black Peacock Leopard Stallion.  His 2022 foals {first crop} are on the ground!  All of his foals are smart, curious and easy to work with ~ foals with Foundation Bloodlines.  After many conversations with Charles Potts of Blue Creek Appaloosas, their passion for 100% Foundation Appaloosas & working toward the elusive Gap 8 grew.  This is an exciting and new adventure into the Genetics of the Appaloosa Heritage for them.

Dan & Stachia are slowing down somewhat, eliminating riding lessons and not training outside horses {other than a couple of "tune ups"} here and there.  They are concentrating on raising & selling foals, raising Grass Fed Beef Cattle and making hay when the sun shines!  When they get a break from doing that ~ horse camping is where they will be!

Enjoy visiting the website and in person visits at always welcome at PRIMED~N~PAINTED ACRES.